2007: CANARAA’s humble start.
Years of dedication, relentless work.
Perfecting quality, redefining standards.
2014: CANARAA’s exponential growth.
Exceptional products, unparalleled service.
Global recognition, loyalty from enthusiasts.
Propelling to new heights, pushing innovation boundaries.
2015: Dedication pays off.
Trusted leader in auto care.
Commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction as our cornerstone.
2017: CANARAA’s significant expansion.
Ventured into new territories.
Opened doors, forged partnerships.
Reaching more car lovers than ever.
2020: New chapter for CANARAA.
Proudly introduced state-of-the-art body shop services.
Understanding evolving customer needs.
Expanded expertise to offer a comprehensive auto care experience.
2023: CANARAA – Synonymous with auto care excellence.
Introducing EXPERIA: Cutting-edge technology, advanced formulations.
Unparalleled expertise, elevating auto care to new heights.


In the fast-paced world of auto care, we embody innovation, quality, and passion. At CANARAA, where we have been revolutionizing the auto care industry since our inception in 2007.


Our vision is to redefine the way car enthusiasts care for their beloved vehicles. We are driven by the belief that a well-maintained car reflects its owner's personality.


Our mission is to provide car owners with the best products and services, tailored to their needs, to ensure their pride and joy remains in pristine condition, inside and out.



2007- Just a humble startup.
2014- Growth in demand for CANARAA.
2015- Solidified our market position in the auto care industry.
2017- New Partnerships and Further Expansion.
2020- Introduced State-of-the-art Bodyshop services.
2023- Elevated auto care to a whole new level with CANARAA EXPERIA.
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